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Some of Smart Bakhtar Solutions Partners are:


Lexperts® is inscribe consulting firm based in Peshawar. It subsidizes on a pool of expert consultants having institutional linkages and networks in the communities as they’re as goodwill in the government structures and private enterprises. Consultants and their advisors are well-on bureaucrats, technocrats, probing and analysts, scholastic, trainers and community elaboration adroit. Lexperts® is a unique competitor providing quality services in project and operations planning, research and analysis, supervision and the rule of law, cover and evaluation, capacity and community-driven expansion etc. Read More……


Click ICT Solutions

As a world class provider of Promethean ICT patronize and supply chain services and solutions. Click ICT Solutions has a widespread network providing advanced customer specific solution through their ICT teams and value creating services in supply-chain regulation. Their extensive service network and platforms will allow you to make all the Right Moves for their business. They focus on serving customers with global they spring and supply-chain-regulation needs. The group breed value by innovative end-to-end international ICT support services. Read More……

click ict solutionss

Katana Advertising

Katana Advertising is one of the best leading advertising companies with visionary excellence & specialist knowledge expertise on the line of advertising, build up, event TENET techniques, trade control, spark colloquy expeditions solutions that are protrusive, illuminating, and responsive in result wonderment. It has been proved to hold the most proficient source of media for raising brand awareness in the UAE and throughout the UAE. Katana Advertising aspiration of creating highly creative & valuable crusade to develop & implement a strategic advertising plan, their wrap installers work on vehicles full time and have been trained professionally working for years in the field. They are pious to create the highest quality products the best they would do it, and increasing customer contemplation billet as one of the trusted sign and Media Company in UAE. Read More……

Katana Advertising

Peak worx

PeakWorx, founded in 2009, has business operations athwart the globe, with marketing and spur exertion. Having more than 25 years of moxie in ICT, Energy, Security, Software elaboration, and Education. PeakWorx Group is a transnational solution provider with a global sight. As the odor and business grew, PeakWorx made its incursion into the Middle East, Asia Pacific after the UK, branch out its product range and has enjoyed inimitable growth ever since. With the worldwide staff strength of more than 100 dynamic professionals, PeakWorx Group now treasure a bubkes reach gauge Asia, the Middle East and UK. Under the presidency of a strong counsel team, PeakWorx is today the broaden portfolio as like security, education, energy, software, health, information dispatch and technology, multi-level marketing, leaguer, construction. Each step along the repertoire chain, from the profession, to procurance, to supply line management of an assortment of products from multiple places, our global team provides you with end-to-end service for maximum efficacy. Read More……


Surat ITC

Surat Information Technology Services was authenticated and registered with AISA (Afghanistan Investment Support Agency) by law in 2008, cynosure on information Technology service and redeem IT facilities. The savvy of SITSC in Web designing & elaboration, Networking, Internet service, IT solutions is surety and highly lucent and plays a peppy role in the readying of IT budget and sustentation of IT equipment’s and venues by leveraging the Global Delivery Model. Surat Information Technology with its highly qualified, fully expert team is capable to work in any condition throughout Afghanistan with the minimum time by providing best quality and master manpower. Read More……

surat ict