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Microsite design

Microsite design, also known as Minisite or Weblet, is a small independent websites that present information, hold users and provide interaction on one product, service or event. They are add-on to your main website and make it easier for users to find your offerings. We are one of the leading microsite design in Peshawar having professional team to develop micro-sites for corporate clients. Microsite designs are basically created for customers to respond to specific calls-to-action from marketing campaigns.

So To grab the attention of your customers, Smart Bakhtar provides efficient and effective solutions for better communication and marketing of your specific services or products.

Microsite Design Necessities

Basic requirements for microsite design may include encouraging a customers to register for an event or take benefit of a free offer, to profile and qualify a site visitor in order to develop more targeted follow-up materials, explaining your value offers and to distinguish you from other sites the clients may visit in the buying course, you may need to notify customers about a new product launch or product updates, may be there is a need to gather contact details for follow-up such as a phone number or email address for traditional one-on-one marketing efforts.

Smart Bakhtar microsite design team grant an option to perform something special and unique from your identity. This really is effective when thinking about a completely new industry or if your goal is to promote a product for once only. Microsite designs are customized according to the campaign objectives, given time frame and the content client wishes to be presented.

SMART Microsite Designs

microsite design

You have a new product, service or event which requires a micro site with all or a blend of the following:

  •  SBS Peshawar offer Creative web design
  •  Content management systems
  •  Online feedback, survey or contest forms
  •  User registration, login and authentication
  •  Flash animated banners
  • we also offer Email Marketing 
  •  Web 2.0 Social Media integration (Face book, Twitter, Google Maps, Blogs, and YouTube)
  • Publicize your micro site with online ads served on our partner sites.

If used efficiently, microsite design provides businesses with a support to add value to their valuable service, by providing a facility to communicate with potential customers in a different way. Smart Bakhtar teams are professional in designing microsites for your business or service. Minisites are usually developed to support and improve your business growth.

Consider your site; is it saying more about the services that your organization provides? Microsites will deliver data in completely different way which indicates that the users looking for the website has almost completed their searching for the required product. Microsites help your service to turn into a specialist of your field without http://www.theappsolutions.com affecting your brand identity. Being one of the top IT firms in Peshawar, we are providing our clients with any kind of microsite design they need.