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ERP System in Pakistan

As enterprise resource planning system attempts to amalgamate all departments and functions across a company onto a single computer system that can serve diverse departments’ particular requirements. So our ERP systems in Pakistan are designed to suit any business size and determine that all programs are linking up successfully, ultimately, saving time and money.

Our efficient team professionals work with clients to deliver unique ERP system in Pakistan, modified to fit your organizational requirements. From automated management techniques, casing whole range of enterprise resources, Smart Bakhtar Solutions provides a powerful decision support system. From analysis of business procedures to creating individual, stand-alone modules, our team of ERP system in Pakistan is specially made to accomplish your organizational necessities.

As an Enterprise resource planning system incorporates operations into a single real-time system which spreads across all sites and branches so this not only increases confidence in the accuracy of data and information but also ensures that all programs, whether it is sales related, purchase related or logistics related, are up-to-date.

The most important advantages of ERP system in Pakistan for business are that it saves money, boosts productivity and enhances strategic planning.

There are many extra benefits, those of which will come to light once the system is installed and all users are using the system correctly. Our IT firm Peshawar team personnel have to provide training to clients.

  1. General over view of some basic ERP features

  • Basic Features of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  •  Human Resource Management
  •  Employee Registration ( Basic Information’s, Salary Details,
  •  Incentives, Dependent information, Bank Details, Work Permit

2.  Job Details ( Main MIS Section for Work flow / Project Management)

  • Client Registration
  • Project details of each client
  • Creation of jobs within work order
  • Survey ( Civil and Fiber survey depend on hob type)
  • Project Manager Module Receiving survey reports (Accepting / Rejecting those reports) and transferring accept
  • Jobs to planning and coordination
  • Quality control
  • Permit Clearance
  • Site Engineer ( uploading daily photos, work units, cost codes for jobs)
  • Invoicing ( Flimsy)
  • Final Report after job Completion.

3. Inventory Management

  • Order Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Service Management
  • Product Identification

4. CRM by our Enterprise Resource Planning Team

  • Employee Information
  • Management Policy
  • Employee Working Time Management
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Employee Salary Management
  • Recruitment

5. Finance Management

  • Aging Debits
  • Cash Vouchers
  • Bank Vouchers
  • Transaction Listing
  • Daily Activity Report
  • Cash flow Statement
  • Transaction Listing management in the system
  • Profit and loss statement Report
  • Chart of Accounts Report
  • Balance Sheet

All along above features, our team of ERP in Pakistan can modify our product according to the requirements of your organization.

Implementation of ERP Systems by Smart Bakhtar Solutions

We successfully deployed HR and Inventory Module at Zorkif (Afghanistan). Smart Bakhtar Solutions also installed full ERP system (HR, Finance, Inventory, procurement, sales, manufacturing, Marketing and CRM) at Desline (Saudi Arabia). Our team of ERP systems in Pakistan have also deployed Finance and enterprise resource planning Modules at IT board, KPK Pakistan.